Meet Our Team

Laurie Keith
Laurie KeithPresident
It all began in 1998, with a passionate dream, a determined mindset, a beat up old Ford and a pair of dentures.
After living in the Dominican Republic for a number of years as a school teacher, Laurie Keith discovered her passion for travel and to make travel dreams come true for others. After returning to her hometown, Calgary, Laurie was determined to work hard to make enough money to start her travel business and she did that by delivering dentures to dentist offices in the Calgary area. After saving enough money, lots of denture deliveries and loads of research on the travel industry, she opened her first travel agency, Campus Travel, which focused on the niche travel market of work, study and volunteer aboard. After she sold the agency to an OTA, along with her province-wide consumer newspaper, she focused on the next up and coming niche, destination weddings. Romantic Planet Vacations was hence formed on November 4th, 2004.
Laurie now resides in Ontario and is a well known pioneer in the destination wedding travel market and has grown her business from a one-person agency into a boutique host agency with multiple brands supporting a team of professional independent travel advisors who specialize in niche travel and unique travel experiences.
Liz Scull
Liz ScullBusiness Development Manager
Liz Scull has over twenty years of tour operator experience in product development, operations, supplier relations and marketing including producing annual travel brochures. In 2010, Liz joined Ensemble Travel as Marketing Manager, where she developed and managed “DestinationVows”, a program dedicated for destination wedding travel specialists throughout North America. While at Ensemble, Liz also became the Managing Editor and Creative Director of Ensemble’s travel magazine, “Vacations”.
Liz brings a wealth of experience and a drive to succeed to our company. As our Business Development Manager, she hopes to help you build your travel business, reach your goals and reap the rewards of the power of knowledge.
Heather Pickett
Heather PickettChief Culture Officer
Heather Pickett is a passionate trainer who enjoys creating engaging learning opportunities to help travel professionals reach their peak potential. With over 12 years of experience in the travel industry, Heather has found there is always something new and exciting to experience. She worked as a Manager of Training and Continuous Improvement for a Travel Contact Centre that serviced the client’s of one of Canada’s largest financial Institutions. Heather has both a certificate in Travel Counselling, from Camosun College in 2008, and a certificate in E-Learning Development, from the University of Toronto in 2018. She strongly believes travel fills gaps in our knowledge we never knew we had.
As our Chief Culture Officer, Heather is responsible for agent support, training and onboarding as well as ensuring positive customer experiences. She is in charge of quality control to help minimize agent or other errors. In her downtime, Heather can be found fundraising and training for an upcoming run, or volunteering her time at a local apiary.
Shekhar Karwade
Shekhar KarwadeController
Shekhar Karwade has been with the company since 2013 and brings dedication, loyalty, hard-work, and positivity to the team. His responsibilities include commission reporting, managing the budget process, developing and monitoring business performance matrix, book-keeping and preparing financial statements, and agent support in accounting and technology.
Linda Knight
Linda KnightWholesale Coordinator
Linda Knight has been in the travel industry for almost 30 years and with our company since 2005. She has been an integral part of product development and wholesale contracting of exclusive fares and promotions to worldwide destinations with only the best suppliers in the business. This provides our clients with exceptional travel experiences and quality of service while enhancing our return and profitability.