Congratulations on your first travel leads!

Step One

One of the first steps in the quoting process is to pre-qualify your client. Arrange a meeting with them and listen to their needs while asking the necessary questions. In order for us to assist you in quoting, please fill out the “New Agent Travel Quote Request Form” at: This is for you, the agent, to fill out, not the client. Without the necessary information (like dates, gateways, destination, number of passengers, etc), we will be unable to assist.

Step Two

Then please schedule a one-on-one Zoom training session to learn how to quote this lead. The scheduler link is – One of our senior travel mentors will attend the Zoom and take you through the steps on quoting this lead.
For each trip, please enter a separate form.
*Note: The NAQ tool is limited per agent, per month so please be mindful of pre-qualifying your client thoroughly and ensuring serious interest before using this tool. Priority will be made on quotes who have prepaid service fees. Response times are based on availability.

Good luck!