We know you have invested significant amounts of your hard-earned savings to enjoy this special trip. Travel insurance is a means of protecting that initial investment in the event an unforeseen event occurs which forces you to cancel your trip. Once on your trip, your travel insurance protects you, your family and your belongings until you return home. Travel insurance plans can combine cancellation, interruption, medical, accident and baggage protection with extensive, worldwide 24-hour emergency assistance services.


Travel Insurance

Travel can mean encountering the unexpected, ranging from the inconvenient to truly serious. Travel insurance plans offer comprehensive benefits to meet the challenges of travel and help you enjoy a worry-free trip. Planning for a trip may take months but it only takes minutes for something to go wrong!
Ask yourself “Can I afford to lose my trip investment or pay for an unexpected medical emergency?” If your answer is “no”, then purchasing travel insurance is a smart choice.  There are 3 ways to do so:


1) Purchase your travel protection online at your convenience with:






Insurance Questions?

Please contact your designated travel agent or call Manulife Directly at  1-888-220-5212 or by email at travel_referral@manulife.com and provide them with the following information:


a) Travel Agency code RMPLVAC and the name of your designated travel agent (to link your policy to your trip).
b) Details of your trip. Please ensure that you have your travel invoice available. They will be looking for date of birth, destination, departure date, duration and cost of the trip.


Please don’t wait…we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance today.  If you have already purchased your insurance then I can assure you that you have made the right decision in protecting yourself and your loved ones.


****It is strongly advised to have travel insurance when traveling outside of your province.****